Shri Brahma Vidhyai

Previous Birth : Nearly a lakh of years back.
Our predecessors used to live in one greatprinciplefollowing one God and one sect. Moghals and British people deviated are attention and they forced us to live a life of non awareness. In this Kali yuga, people nowadays do not possess divinity and they are not givenlove and affection. In order to make them realize the divinity, we would like to bring the true cult of Shri Brahma Vidhai Apyasi Swami. This person lived like a disciple of Bogar in the form of Maya (Shadow) Later on he became the disciple of Siva Marma Yogi and known as Maya Swamigal. This birth of mine is to share the experiences of mine that happenedwith the association of Siva Marma yogi.

Previous Birth Siva Marma Yogi taken an Avatar (reincarnation of God) 5000 years back. In order to make the people aware of Divinity, he underwent a self-punishment and involve God and he performed Apyanam penance. Shri Periya Andavar appeared before him and then he again plunged into atonement. As a result, he was allowed to do Sivalinga Prathistai to make the people again realize the dictum that there is only one God and one Kulam (Group). In order to realize the same, he began to indulge in penance, shunning hunder and disease. To achieve this, he began to control all the 7 systems in our physique. All the 7 systems began to take the form of 7 birth for that Shri Maha Maya, the Mahan has decided to use indigenous a product of Thunder, which willhelp the peopleto use the right side of the brain. From birth to death / so far mankind, utilize only the left part of the brain above and the right side of the brain is not at all put to use.

The functions of left & Right brain

Left Brain

  • Eat, sleep, and to exert to fulfill the needs of the particular individual.
  • To obtain comfortable house, palace, bedrooms and what all they need
  • to identify wife, children, relatives and then work for them
  • to identify who are the parents
  • what is in the cosmic world
  • to sum ups though there are 6 senses, 6th sense is not utilized.


  • Self awareness and also the Almighty is all pervasive and it also exists within oneself.
  • Awareness of the cult that the Mother, Father, Guru and then God.
  • To maintain general health and to avoid hunger, disease and death.
  • To be divine by knowing that the person should steadily adopt to good manners,and conduct and to take things as it comes in a true manner and to sum up each should realize that the birth is divine grace and to live in a divine manners.


Aim of the Trust:

Trust has been formulated to develop the humanity which has been planned 5000 years back. Sri Bhogar who made his sincere attempt to carry out the said prathistai, has got stopped due to his unfortunate demise. .

During 1900 Bhogar’s rebirth as Bhogar Maya Swamigal at his 18th year, Swamigal could recollect his previous births and the old incidence of Sri Bhogar. After Bhogar Maya Swamigal, this brought up by their heredity Sri Sivanantha Maya.

To help the people who have been affected by several ailments, to recover their original health and cells, Sri Sivanantha Maya strongly believe that the said Sivalinga Prathistai is the only remedy.

Our forefather’s life

life style has been corrupted by British colonial Rulings by way of introduction of different food habits, which has created, the most dangerous diseases like Cancer, blood pressure, asthma, kidney and liver related ailments.

Prathista arrangement:

We acquired 6 acres of land at bottom of Silver Mountain near Tirunelveli, which is situated between Cheranmaha Devi and Kalakkad.

A Grand temple will be constructed in this Holy place which will be accommodated for:

  • Sri Maha Maya Sivalinga Prathistai to get the Gods divine power
  • Sri Maha Kali Ruthra Chandi Devi to overcome from Karma issues
  • Sri Bhogar Maya Prathistai to get Gurus Grace

In order to achieve these, a Grand Holy Tank will also be constructed as per the spirituality and Government norms.


Previous Birth:

For the purpose of Shiva consecration, I met my Guru, Sri Maha Maya, for 7 births and that is known as Life on this planet. Thus, I met my Guru for the 5th time. Our Guru blessed me with the Divine appearance of Lord Shiva and Shiva Sakthi entreaty. When I was 14, I had been a shepherd and Guru came searching for me to make me work for Him. He had involved me in all sorts of celestial activities, as I grew up. He had fascinated me by doing foot rituals to Lord Shiva. From then on, I devoted my entire life serving our Guru. While Guru was talking to me, He would ask what boon I should want. I would reply that I loved to serve Him forever. Thus, years rolled on. At that time, I was 38, when Guru had to have Kalpa medicine, consuming which would cause unconsciousness. There would be no physical movements in the body, but the person would be alive, almost close to lethal state. Extreme care had to be taken, as reptiles like snakes and venomous creatures had to be kept away. So, Guru had had that medicine and soon He lost His conscious. For the next 7 days, I had been taking great care of our Guru and finally, He had opened His eyes. At that Heavenly moment, He had resembled God Himself. Guru asked me, what my wish was. I had confirmed Him that, I wanted to be on His side at all times, and was longing to get involved in all His activities. Guru had blessed me with my wishes. Later, he had sent me to this world, to live as one among the crowd. I obeyed Him and came to this world. I was taken aback on seeing the materialistic life style of the humans. I wondered how my Guru had preserved me from these contaminants. I had realized that these people had no values to their lives. Had they seen a Saint, they would think, what this Saint would give us in terms of money and material. None cared about the spiritual content. Nobody had the willingness to analyze and realize themselves, because everyone was caught in the hands of mystery and temporary feel of fake pleasure. Thegovernment officials too had turned a deaf ear to the worsening issues. Even there was no discipline in Worship. Knowing all these facts, I had started my living, one amongst them for some years. Then I went back to my Guru and saw Him doingVidhya Abyanam.   I saw my eternal Guru in Him. On such a sight, I started asking too many questions. He answered to all my questions. If I started to mention all those questions here, there would not be enough space. But you could ask me those things in person or you could experience such things through me. To find the answers for all such queries, I had to perform, Sri Maha Mayaconsecration. When I  was concerned in reparation, I could not hold that power in me, and I got my head exploded. As a consequence, I was not able to conclude my penance and my body got ruined. I had been left up with my soul alone, and even then I had been longing for Him. I could do nothing else. After so many years, I came to know that He was born as a human. I rushed to see Him and wandered as a spirit around my Guru. This is the reality about my previous birth.

Present Birth:

I had concluded that I was body less in my previous birth. In continuation of the same is my present sixth birth. This is my good fortune that I had been born as the disciple of my Guru, in this birth .My/Our Guru was born as the sun of Mr. Deivanayagam   a resident of Ponnakudi   village in Tirunelveli district. He was aware of what he was even from his early age. He was good at his studies and disciplined. His father was a friend of an Englishman and hence he converted to Christian .Therefore he named our Guru as Siluvai  Mani (+ cross Mani) and our Guru grew up with this name. This birth was to make our Guru fully aware of ‘Maya’. At the age of 18, our Guru became fully qualified and went to Mountain in search of God. He did penance through Periyandavar and reached his Guru. He learnt through his Guru the art of penance, till he was 30. He also became conversant in hunting, understood what the essence of Yoga and experiences the six main sources of function of Prana  ! In life. He also  learn the ‘Bhramma  Vidhai’ viz  the method of understanding  Athman  and reaching  Bhrammam  through ‘ Athman’. He got his prayer of Bhramma  Vidhai granted through practice of Yoga!  His mother   “Adaikalam ’’ under the pretext of fighting her last  days , got him near her and his father. To oblige the wishes of his parents he agreed for his marriage at the age of 31 and started his married life. I understood that he involved in family life to bring me to this world! Through his married life he begot 3 male children and two female children. One of the girls by the name ‘’ Kann’’ is my mother!” achristian kanni ”was married in to family and  Hirudayaraj was her husband.I was born as the son of kanni and Eirudayaraj. At the time of my birth my body was only ‘breathing’ I did not cry nor did I open my eyes nor did I have any senses. However my Guru alone was aware of my birth! When my parents enquired about the reason for my condition of abnormality, my Guru is said to have replied them that ‘’he is not your son; he is my disciple Maya, who has come into existence’’. “He continued” During his last birth he could not complete his “yoga” and his life became extinct since his head got blasted before the completion of the yoga. He has now come to me to complete the above yoga. While I am in ‘’Nishtai’’ (the stage of penance) in the morning, place him before me for 10 days, he observed. Accordingly my Guru’ s  wife  Chellammal  and my mother kept me before my Guru and immediately father completion of the yoga he would open his eyes and look at me only for 10 complete days. By this method, my Guru helped me to get the required ability to perceive and imbibed the ‘’Sri Vidya  Abyan” yoga. This is what is called the “Maha Maya Sivalinga  Prathista  VidyaAbyan”, the specialized yoga. Afterwards my Guru, me away from my parents and I grew up pnder my Guru for 13 years. While my parents named me as ‘’John Xavier Joshep ’’ my Guru named me as ‘’Sri Shivananda Maya’’.  While  my parents tried their level best to rear me as a Christian, my mind and body running after shivalinga and chanting ‘’ Nama Sivaya’’. Even while studying all the letters would seem to me as though they ‘’Nama Sivaya’’. Even while studying my lessons, the letters therein will seem to be ‘’Om Nama Shivaya’’ Everything appeared to me as the essence of Nama  Sivayas. After my Guru took at my age of 13, I learnt about and experienced in my body about ‘’Kala Bhairavi’’ in my body itself periyandavar and my Guru, made me learn about Sakthi, Bhramma Vidhai,Siva Yoga,Vaasi, herbs and other medicines. The Great Siddhar Gorakkar asked my Guru to bring me to the lotus feet of siva at Thirukarangudi. My Guru also took me to mahendra hills, where I had physically seen Siddhar Gorakkar and Bogar and also my periyandavar I was then 16, My Guru Marma yogi ,Bhramma Vidhai Abyasi Swamigal prepared me to be fully eligible for ‘’ Sri  Maha  Maya Sivalinga Prathistai. Till I was 18 year’s  I had learnt from my Guru all that was necessary for becoming competent to perform the above prathishta. I had learnt from my Guru the art of relieving oneself from the bondages of’’Karma’’ and to reach the ‘’Jeevan Mukthi’’ stage (attaining the lotus Feet of Almighty) and became fully a siva yogi. Afterwards my Guru informed me that his work was over after myself becoming fully qualified under him and breathed his last to attain Mukthi. After his Jeeva Samathi stage, I had done all that was necessary to like up his command to me. I live even now, to complete the cherished desire of my Guru, viz. Linga prathishtai. I am now in search of picking up the 81 competent   persons to be my disciple, who could help complete the ‘’prana  prathishtai and Eendriya, prathishtai which will complete the ‘’ Linga prathishtai ’’ .  To participate  in this great prathishtai. I begot 4 children, from my age of 22 and at the age of 30, I left the family life. I am now 38 and I am fully involved in the constinuation work relating to the completion of ‘’Linga prathishtai ‘’. The time has come for the completion of the Linga prathishtai. At my 41st age with  selected  competent  persons  I shall completethe   Linga prathishtai and make the people to adhere to the old way of life viz. ’’One God  and One Race ‘’ so that all can live a life of one family with peace and prosperity. I am fully prepared to give a shape to my conviction and the ‘’Namasivaya’’ Mantra will help us in this achievement.


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